Hockey betting Edmonton – Colorado. Forecast for the NHL from 06/05/2022

In the city of Edmonton on June 5 will be a hockey match of the National Hockey League. In the 3rd match of the 1/2 playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers Pacific Division hockey team and its guest hockey players from the Central Division Colorado Avalanche will meet at the Rogers Place ice arena. After two past matches, Colorado leads the series 2-0. We present you the forecast for the NHL.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton hockey team played 12 games, winning the right to play in the series 1/2 playoffs. 7 games with Los Angeles hockey players, and 5 games with the Calgary team. The 1/2 playoff series started on a foreign ice arena with the Colorado hockey team. June 1 lost with a score of 6:8. On June 3, they lost the victory with a score of 0:4. The 1st period was played on zeros, the 2nd period conceded 3 goals and in the 3rd period one goal.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado hockey players played 10 matches in 1/8 and 1/4 playoffs. With the Nashville hockey team in the 1/8 playoffs, 4 games were played. With hockey players, St. Louis played 6 games in the 1/4 playoffs. A series of playoff semi-final matches began at the home arena with the Edmonton hockey team. The first match on June 1 was confidently won with a score of 8:6. The second match of the series on June 3 ended with a convincing victory with a score of 4:0.

Hockey Edmonton – Colorado prediction

According to the bookmakers, the upcoming game should be quite productive. But we will assume that the teams will be limited to 7 goals. Our prediction for hockey Edmonton – Colorado: totals goals “under 7.5” (odd 1.70).

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Author: Penny Cox