Hockey Tampa Bay – Colorado bets. Forecast for the NHL from 06/21/2022

In the city of Tampa at the ice arena Amalie Arena on June 21 will be a hockey match with the puck of the National Hockey League. The Tampa Bay Lightning and its guest hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche, meet in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. There were 2 matches in the final, on June 16 and 19 at the Colorado Hockey Arena. Colorado leads the series 2-0. We present you the forecast for the NHL.

Tampa Bay

Hockey players of Tampa in the 1/8 playoffs beat the hockey players of Toronto, score 4:3. In the 1/4 playoffs with a score of 4:0 in the series, they won against the Florida team. In the semi-finals with a score of 4:2, they defeated the Rangers hockey players and reached the Stanley Cup final. In the first final match with the Colorado team on June 16, in a bitter struggle, through overtime, they lost with a score of 3:4. The second match of this series on June 19 was held at the arena in the city of Denver. The match ended in defeat with a score of 0:7.


Avalanche hockey players started in the 1/8 playoffs with the Nashville hockey players, and after 4 victories they advanced to the next round. In the quarterfinals, it took 6 games with the St. Louis players to make it 4-2 to advance to the semi-finals. In the 1/2 playoffs, the Colorado hockey players met with the Edmonton team, and won with a score of 4:0, receiving a ticket to the final. On June 16 and 19, with matches for possession of the Stanley Cup, they began the final series of matches with Tampa Bay hockey players at their ice arena. June 16 won, through overtime, with a score of 4:3. The match on June 19 ended with a convincing victory with a score of 7:0. The factor of native walls is evident.

Hockey Tampa Bay – Colorado prediction

Very powerful Colorado spends the season. But I want to believe that Tampa Bay will not let themselves be easily beaten on their native ice. Our prediction: Tampa Bay “win or draw” (odd 1.85).

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